email marketing 101

Email Marketing 101

If you use an email service, there are a number of types of emails you can send, along with some good practices and those to avoid.

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New Territory Ahead?

Are you jumping into new territory this coming year?

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WordPress Plugins

I’ve been working on a WordPress website for a local prison aftercare program that I volunteer with. As I was adding plugins, I thought many of you might also have a WordPress site and would be interested in seeing which plugins I use, so here is my list. There are many more, like ecommerce ones, […]

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21 Tips For Getting Traffic To Your Blog

Getting Traffic To Your Blog Just because you have an online presence doesn’t mean that people will easily find you. As marketers, we should always be looking for new ways to promote ourselves and our businesses, both online and off. Besides having your URL on your business card and any other offline advertising, what else […]

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Host a Blog

Anyone can start a blog, without expense, by using the free blog software at Filled with easy to create modules, Blogger offers a simple way to test the interest in your new idea, to send traffic to other sites, to establish yourself as an expert in your field, and to collect names of interested […]

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Website Objectives

What are your objectives concerning your website? Since I have a number of sites, I found it very helpful to write down my Internet plans for the year. Try to focus on your main objective for each site and decide on any regular features to incorporate. For instance, with my Internet Marketing site, my objective […]

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Importance of Keywords

I’ve mentioned before the value of using keywords in your post title and sprinkled within your content. This helps both readers and search engines know what your topic is about. Although I know a number of marketers who stress finding a number of keywords on your chosen niche and writing a post on each of […]

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Organizing Your Website Content

This morning I did something that I wish I’d started when I first began writing my blog. I set up a simple table with a column for categories and another for post titles. I debated whether to include one with the date of the post, but since the table is in chronological order, decided against […]

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