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Are you jumping into new territory this coming year?

One of the biggest struggles if you are new to online marketing is knowing where to focus your time, energy, and money. For instance, an important part of online marketing is having a website, but too often we get caught up in the look of the site, and don’t spend enough time on the content. For instance, I spend more time trying to find a suitable image to go with my blog post than I do writing the actual post. I realize that’s a mistake because search engines don’t care how pretty my site is. They care about the content I provide.

One way to get ideas for content is by gathering questions that have been asked and  having a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on the site that you can continually add to.Sometimes a question might even be involved enough to merit an entire blog post. In that case, you can link to your answer from the FAQ rather than answering it there. Imagine all of the content you could easily add. And the more content your site contains, the more likely it will be visited again and again by both people and search engines.

Spend some time thinking about the problems your ideal customer faces and how you can help solve those problems. Make a list of not only the FAQ’s you get, also the kinds of questions you wish they would ask – the SAQ’s (Should Ask Questions). Before long you’ll have all kinds of ideas for helpful articles and blog posts you can write.

Rather than spending weeks or even months rearranging the look of your website,  figure out what information your customer needs to make an informed decision about a purchase or to do a task. Help solve a problem or otherwise improve the lives of your readers and you’ll make a far better impression than a fancy web design will make.

Since I’m working on my own FAQ page, why not send me a quick email and ask a question that you would like me to answer?

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